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Barbora Lundgren is a still-life photographer based in London and Prague. Embracing the power of light, layers, and emotions in her work, she aims to create profound images that go beyond showcasing tangible objects. 


With a marketing and communications agency background, Barbora's journey into photography began when she decided to follow her true passion. Building upon four transformative years as a creative director and in-house photographer at a leading cookbook publishing company, she cultivated a discerning eye for capturing the essence of food, products, and still-life subjects. Determined to further refine her craft, Barbora made the leap to London, where she currently pursues MA in Commercial Photography at the University of the Arts in London.


With over five years of professional experience, Barbora's portfolio includes photographing 14 printed books and showcasing products for a diverse range of brands. Her work is regularly sought after by creative agencies, publishers and designers, as well as luxury segment clients. 

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